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Have an athlete always looking for the next punch of energy? This college care package is the perfect gift for your student athlete. Loaded with healthy athletic snacks to give them the energy boost they need to perform! Consiting of high protein, this mix is sure to help with recovery and curb hunger after practice or the gym.

This college car package includes the following:

  • ProBar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bite
  • Pro Bar Coconut Almond Bite
  • Chocolate Chip Clif Bar
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Rip Van Waffels Dutch Caramel and Vanilla
  • Kind Bar, Caramel Almond and Sea Salt
  • Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs
  • Field Trip Maple BBQ
  • SmartFood Popcorn White Cheddar

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