Chip Dippin' & Sippin'

Chip Dippin' & Sippin'

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Chip Dippin' and Sippin' offers all that and a bag of chips! Get the goods delivered right to your door and we'll throw in the recipes to get your drinks mixed to tasty perfection. 

This snack box includes the following:

  • 2 Q-Drinks Margarita Mix Cans 7.5oz
  • 2 Q-Drinks Sparkling Grapefruit
  • 1 Blue Agave Nectar 11.75oz
  • 1 Twang-a-Rita Paloma Love Salt Rim 4oz
  • 1 Mexicano Homemade Queso Medium 12oz
  • 1 Mexicano Homemade Salsa Chunky Medium 13.2oz
  • 1 Mexicano Homemade Corn Chips 12oz
  • 1 Cactus Ice Mold
  • 1 Margarita Cup
  • 2 Craft Cocktail (or Mocktail) Recipes
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