$29.99 - $44.99

Send your favs the energy boost needed to hit the road running. This box is loaded with high-energy snacks and drinks to help them go the distance.

This snack box includes the following:

  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Takis Chips Fuego
  • Jacks Links Steak Jerky Original
  • Mixed Nuts
  • ProBar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bite
  • ProBar Coconut Almond Bite
  • Rip Van Waffels Dutch Caramel and Vanilla
  • Microwaveable Popcorn Kit
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$29.99 - $44.99




Surprise your bestie with that boost of energy to get them through a the day. This energizing gift box is loaded with energy snacks & treats.

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