If you have a gamer in your family or friend group, you know how vital fueling up can be. This box was curated specifically for gamers. From high-energy snacks to blue light filter glasses, this box will ensure they are ready to take on the e-universe.

This college care package includes the following:

  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Takis Chips Fuego
  • Jacks Links Steak Jerky Original
  • Awake Caramel Chocolate Bars
  • Trolli Gummi Worms
  • Goldfish Cracker Cheddar
  • Strawberry Twizzlers
  • Microwaveable Popcorn Kit
  • Fruit Snack Mixed Fruit
  • Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie
  • Chex Mix Traditional
  • Blue Light Filter Glasses
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The Gamer on Campus

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Surprise your favorite gamer with a gamer gift basket that includes energy snacks & blue light filter glasses. Gamer snacks delivered on campus without the lag.

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